Corporate profile:


Vision statement

To provide affordable housing units [residential and commercial] for middle class groups within Nigeria.

Mission statement

To provide high quality and affordable housing units [residential and commercial] in middle class neighborhoods within Nigeria, and demonstrating a high sense of social and economic responsibility.

Guiding principles

In the pursuit of our vision and mission and the delivery of superior financial returns to our stakeholders we will: -

  • Recognize employees as our most valuable asset and hire and promote based on merit and encourage teamwork.

  • The special recognition of the customer as the linchpin of our organization, and will be the focus of all organizational efforts.

  • Promote positive relationships with our concerned public i.e. customers, vendors, bankers and our host community e.t.c.

  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Conduct our business with the highest ethics and integrity.
  • Build trust and promote accountability.


The board of directors comprises the following: -

1.     Ikechukwu. M.C. Ekwueme        - Chairman/C.E.O.

2.     Lolo E.O. Ekwueme                     - Director.

3.     Mrs Chisomaga Ekwueme        - Director.


The management team is made up of very resourceful, highly seasoned and hard working men and women.  The management team is led by Mr. Ikechukwu. M.C. Ekwueme.




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