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Any business that desires profitable growth requires cost effective and high performing operations in order to generate high shareholder value.

In a growing economy like Nigeria, there is a continuous need for forward looking organisations to employ cost saving and efficient processes. These organisations require partners who understand the business terrain and can provide strategic partnership that will help their organisations in achieving and sustaining business growth.

Mozyk haulage ltd was established on 1st August 2003 and is one of the very few haulage firms with the experience and expertise needed in product distribution to give your organisation the competitive edge in the market place. At Mozyk Haulage Limited, we relieve you of the burden of timely delivery of your products to your numerous clients spread across the country, thereby giving your product the competitive edge in the market.

Manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and other corporate entities are daily confronted with myriads of logistic challenges which have made it more difficult to achieve corporate objectives. Our role in this regard is to assist you achieve this goal. Forward looking organization should take advantage of our incomparable service offering backed-up by the expertise of our highly skilled and trained personnel.

All our trucks are comprehensively insured, we also have an adequate Good-In-Transit insurance and Fidelity Guarantee insurance cover from highly reputable insurance companies, that ensures that our clients do not suffer any loss whatsoever, when doing business with us.

Over 80% of trucks in our fleet are less than two years old which ensures efficient services to our clients and all our trucks are fitted with vehicle tracking devices that ensures we know the exact location of each of our truck at any point in time.

Mozyk haulage ltd has had to tackle a unique set of challenges in ensuring unparalleled service to its numerous clients. We retain a competitive edge over our rivals because of the specialised nature of our services.

Mozyk haulage ltd has provided a lot of job and business opportunities in its host community and we always support the activities of charitable organisations so as to cater for the needs of the less privileged in the society.

Our vision
is to be the first choice for medium duty haulage services within Nigeria.


Our mission
is to provide quality haulage services to our numerous customers, and demonstrating a high sense of social and economic responsibilities.

Our core values are:
Professionalism, Integrity and Partnership

Our service offerings are: 
Highly competitive prices; flexible terms of payment and efficient services.

Customer satisfaction is our watchword and we normally go to great lengths to meet/exceed customer expectations and we can customize our services to meet the special needs of any organisation at very short notice.

Guiding principles

In the pursuit of our vision and mission and the delivery of superior financial returns to our stakeholders we will: -

  • Recognize employees as our most valuable asset and hire and promote based on merit and encourage teamwork.


  • The special recognition of the customer as the linchpin of our organization, and will be the focus of all organizational efforts.

  • Promote positive relationships with our concerned public i.e. customers, vendors, bankers and our host community e.t.c.

  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Conduct our business with the highest ethics and integrity.

  • Build trust and promote accountability.


The board of directors comprises the following: -

1.     Ikechukwu. M.C. Ekwueme        - Chairman/C.E.O.

2.     Lolo E.O. Ekwueme                     - Director.

3.     Mrs Chisomaga Ekwueme         - Director.


The management team is made up of very resourceful, highly seasoned and hard working men and women.  The management team is led by Mr. Ikechukwu. M.C. Ekwueme.





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